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Telehealth Therapy Based Out Of San Diego, CA
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Telehealth Therapy Based Out Of San Diego, CA

When was the last time you truly felt good? Do you struggle with constant worry, the weight of depression, or even past traumatic experiences? Or are you someone who is known to be a people pleaser, a perfectionist, or afraid to make mistakes and ask for help? If any of these resonated with you, let North Star Therapy be your guide on the journey to a happier, healthier, healed version of you. I offer judgment-free, down-to-earth, and evidence-based therapy practices to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Our goal is to use accountability to help you create behavior changes that turn into tangible, positive results! I understand what it feels like to have past experiences get in the way of relationships, self-confidence, and the ability to fully thrive. That is why I offer services online to work with anyone in California. Deep healing can sometimes hurt, but no healing will hurt far more. Schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation and begin your journey to healing.

We Specialize in Online Therapy for:

  • Anxiety and Depression in High Functioning Adults 
  • Healing Trauma and PTSD
  • Codependency and Boundary Setting
  • Developing Self-Esteem
  • Peak Performance for Athletes, Creatives, and CEOs

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